I recently wrote this and sent it out to my family.  I honestly was not sure what the response would be but I had to hit send anyways.  It was something I needed to do, to ask for a vegan table to celebrate around.

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It is my compassionate hope that we can all sit down to a meal together.  

A Fall Feast as we have deemed it.  

Feast is defined as “a large meal, typically one in celebration of something” or as a verb “to eat and drink sumptuously.”  I need to tell you that I can really do neither of these when and if the table is not vegan.  It is hard for me to celebrate when my values are not mirrored on my table.  It is hard for me to feel something is sumptuous when it harms another living being.  You might feel this is brash, but to me it is my way of aligning my life with my values, connecting to the superorganism and expanding my consciousness.  

If you need a larger reason it is also me doing my part to stop the destruction of our Mother Earth with my fork at every meal- to put compassion first on all fronts.  

All I am asking from you, my family, is that you share one meal with me where we omit anything to comes from an animal.  

I am not asking for the entire weekend, and I am specifically asking for our feast meal to be one that I can partake in all of the deliciousness that is laid before us.  I am willing and would love to contribute to this feast and I am sure some of it will be harvested right from our backyard.  

dineAs 2016 comes to a close there are no shortages of compassionate alternatives that we can dine on from sauces made with coconut milk, cookies made with Earth Balance to meat analogues made from wheat gluten and vegetables to various nondairy cheeses.  Of course we can always keep the laboratory out of it and just fill our plates with heaps of vegetables, fruits, and our choice of beans, rice, lentils, quinoa, amaranth, black eyed peas, polenta, chickpeas, nuts…  This list goes on and on.  

I recently spent an entire day at a conference #cowcon and one thing I took away from it was that all of us human animals are compassionate beings.  It is up to us to shine the light of compassion on non human animals and ensure they can exist independently of our needs, for themselves.  

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this and I hope that we can come together and celebrate.  Please consider my request.  

A speaker, Sailesh Rao, framed his talk around a great metaphor, what he called the vegan metamorphosis.   As a species we are in a phase similar to the caterpillar, mindlessly consuming everything we can, having no concern for what we leave in our wake.  But the caterpillar has no choice but to metamorphosize into the beautiful and mindful butterfly.  Our human population is also primed to reverse the damage done in the last phase when we collectively don our wings and cooperate around tables of compassion.  

A vegan table.  

_End Email_

The response was short, but positive.  “We are in.”

My dad just recently called me to talk about the menu.  He is going to make how grown eggplant lasagna with vegan cheese (I suggested Daiya), accompanied by a salad and topped off with garlic bread with Earth Balance.  What a meal.  My mouth is already watering.


I am feeling grateful.

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