1. having the quality or power of creating.
  2. resulting from originality of thought, expression, etc.; imaginative: creative writing.
  3. originative; productive (usually followed by of)

What is it that makes a person creative?  Is it something you can learn?  Are you born with it?  How can one cultivate their creativity?  What are the benefits of tapping into this energy?  Is it only something that I make, or is it a way of being?

driftwood display

A piece of collected driftwood, some brad nails, two eye hooks and some string.

Let’s explore.  Shall we.

 If we think back on our schooling, some of us 13-17+ years, we can start to see a serious lack of preparation for creativity.  Myself, I took a lot of math, English, science and history classes.  I had few spots for electives but most were filled with more of the same (cram in those AP classes, right?).   It was not till I got to college that I was really able to explore some art and religion classes.  For the first lets say 19 years of my life I was focused on using and exercising more of my brain muscle.  What happens to a muscle that isn’t used?  It atrophies.  That’s right, our education system works to actively say part of our brain is useful while leaving the rest to atrophy through disuse.  When asking high school students to sketch something, more that 3/4 of them will stare at you and blankly say “I can’t draw.” Sad. What happens to us then, we feel we aren’t creative, we stare at the computer and wonder what to even google.

So now we need to ask, to what benefit is only strengthening the left analytical, logical and linear side of our brain?  Well it leads us to be followers.  To find jobs that do not require us to ask questions, where we will move right along on the path of the American Dream.  Buy a big house, pay for it for 30 years by working 40 hours a week, fill that house with stuff, have a couple of kids, send them off to school and keep creating consumers.  That is what we create- consumers.  With little ability to intuit or even think critically.  Hey if I was not force fed, I would not eat and have nothing to regurgitate.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds scary.  I want to create something else, be something else.  I certainly what my kids to be something else.  How can we avoid being a drone, a solider for the manufacturing industrial complex, a bunch of ones and zeros that sit on the couch and buy things from amazon and go to work at jobs we don’t like to keep the cycle going?  Work, watch, buy.

Let’s break that cycle and start to create again.  Like when we were kids and we used to color for the fun of it, we made forts in the living room just to play in, we dressed up and pretended, we used our minds to imagine and be free.  It is amazing how much fun children can have with a plain old cardboard box.

If we can start to work this muscle, exercise it, hone it and along the way find our passions then in this day and age we can even make a living doing it.  When you are working for your passion, it does not make a difference how much money you make, but passion leads to wealth.  Also who you work with is important, try to work for yourself or work with people you respect not for people you do not.

Some felt letters I free handed with scissors and then backed with contrasting felt to make them more sturdy and maintain their shape.

Some felt letters I free handed with scissors and then backed with contrasting felt to make them more sturdy and maintain their shape.

The concept of expression in the definition is a great one as well.  How are we choosing to express ourselves today?  Are we content with posting some pictures and blurbs on Facebook and then eagerly awaiting the likes?  Are we just waiting to see what our friends do?  Sometimes it is a challenge to tap into our self expression, but I guarantee that it will be such a rewarding experience.  Allowing your energy to pour out of you be something that can inspire others.  This has been a recent fad really with all the adult coloring books and apps.  Being active like is can also be meditative.  A way to tune into yourself and with nature around you.  A new perspective of seeing the world and your little part of it.  The ability to change the energy around you to make it more positive, loving.

Creativity is choiceless explosion

This is a quote by Nithyananda.  Creativity is, we all have it and we express it in all we do, every action.  He also says “Creativity is nothing but the depth of the honesty you express towards your possibility.”  What a wonderful law that we all have endless possibility and that be being honest and authentic we will be the source of our own explosion of creativity so shower joy upon the world and those around us.

Try to turn off your mind and just be.  Be aware of your expression in all of your actions- in all that you do.  The time is now, the time is only ever now.  Express now, create now, enjoy now.

Recently, I have been making felt letters and numbers for my old class, a driftwood necklace display, reupholstered a stool to coordinate with our new chair and choosing vintage towels and fabrics to make half aprons.

I try and reduce.  If I am not at the thrift store, I am taking what I got from there and reinventing it.  This way I am stepping outside of the consumer cycle and putting new things out there that could have easily been put in a landfill.

What have you been doing?  How is your creativity flowing?


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