rainbow waterCan you guess? Do you have a clue?  Even want to know?  Vegans!

If you spent any time at the library recently, you might find a phamlet like I recently did that tells us all how to conserve water.  Not much in there besides some home related saving you already perform, hopefully, and some good old fashioned adds.  Not one mention of the real way to start doing something.  Each vote you cast with your fork, as I heard from Michael Pollen in the Vanishing of the Bees documentary.

I caught myself saying the other day that it might happen that we all become (involuntary) vegans, when meat products no longer make it to the grocery stores.  While the lady at Chipotle just announced to the line that there was “no chicken today, something about the suppliers.”

That’s right. I said it. If you aren’t eating vegan or at least vegetarian than nothing you do at home is doing anything to conserve water, contrary to what you might be thinking.  Please, have you seen Cowspiracy yet?  Enjoy their infographic below.


I heard the greatest quote from my aunt Sue on the subject, she said something like, “I have raised three generations of vegetarians and I can showers as long as I want.” Thank you very much.  And enjoy those showers, knowing that the extra gallons in the 5 more minutes will in no way compare to the amount of water in just one serving of meat, dairy or eggs a day, let alone one or more at every meal.

This does not mean that I waste water left and right.  Not like in the B of A commercial I saw on Hulu where the chef suggests you can  rinse your measuring cup in hot water before measuring oil so it comes out clean and nothing is wasted, what about the hot water you moron? I am all for letting it mellow, a low flow toilet, shoot, I’d love a composting one, efficient appliances, letting your lawn die, sharing a shower, collecting gray water and rain water, installing drip irrigation, xeriscaping, planting native species that are drought tolerant, mulching, drying clothes on a line etc…

But folks none of this will matter, not even if every living soul on the planet did this. And lets face it some people on our planet do not even have access to clean fresh water let alone washing machines. No, this will not be a drop in the collective bucket of conserving water if we continue to eat meat.

water web

Some of us are so far oblivious to the connection of meat being murder, so stuck and rigid in our learned speciesism, that talks of compassion and being healthy are not enough for us to bypass the meat and fish section of the grocery store.   And believe me, I know this is a cultureal issue, steaped in tradition and family.  [I also know that new traditions can be formed when old ones are looked at with new, fresh eyes and reimaged or a new era.]  But hey bring up the environment and most people would tell you that they are for the environment, because if you aren’t, you really aren’t even for our own dumb species who depend on our environment for everything- literally every facet of our lives.

Speciesism is so hardly uttered that not even spell check knows what do to with it. But that is what we do, we jude our species to be superior to most others (besides pandas right, we will dress up like pandas to raise baby ones) and that we can decide when they die and force them to eat crap, shorten their lifespan, and not even treat them like living sentient beings.  Because hey, meat it’s what’s for dinner, right? Wrong, so epically wrong.  Meat is putrid, rotting flesh filled with biomemory of fear, pain and cruelty, not to mention pests.  How are we supposed to know, everything is designed to be out of our line of sight, certainly not a part of our consciousness.  Pass me another steak, I’m hongry.

So wait, aren’t you about now wondering how this all connects to our serious drought situation? I thought this lady was talking about water?  I am. The statistics are out and they do not lie. Eating meat is the biggest waste of water around. Water for the animals to drink, water to grow the food whose nutrients get filtered through the animals, water that is polluted by the piss and shit of the animals, water that cleans up the blood and guts off of the slaughter house floor. “5% of water consumed in the US is by private homes. 55% of water consumed in the US is for animal agriculture” from Cowspiracy.  This is the water we don’t see, this is the step we are not supposed to see. Because if we did, if we really knew what went on at these places, how could we even stuff that Turkey for Thanksgiving and then still have something to be thankful for.  Or roast that pig butt for Christmas and expect joy?

clear water

Clink clink. I want to thank you all for coming here on this day of thanks, I am thankful for my health, for my friends and family who have joined me and most of all, I am thankful for my decision to go vegan and the unexpected side benefits of feeling healthier, more spiritually connected and nutritionally satisfied for the first time in my life.

There you have it. Veganism, the REAL way to conserve water and spare the innocent lives of millions of sentient and intelligent animals yearly, all the while creating the food resources to feed the planet and restore the rain forest.

Whats on your plate? How can you create new traditions that honor all living things and create more joy and celebration? Or are you going to say you will take five minute showers and then do a rain dance?

Vegans are friendly.  Kindness spreads.  Compassion is learned.

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