Cover Letter Four

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garden viewsThe Garden at Heather Farms

August 22, 2019

Dear Team,

With over a decade of experience teaching science in classes from preschool to high school, I am looking forward to growing my career into program implementation.

I have enjoyed my time in the classroom and want to leverage that into designing and maintaining a program that serves the community and gets children outside into nature.

bees on flowerI enjoy visiting the gardens and would love an opportunity to step up to be a conduit between teachers and the garden. I have what it takes to thrive in this role. I am currently in a Master of Education program with a focus on Humane Education. We are finding that we can be solutionaries.

The term solutionary is defined empowering children and youth to present solutions to problems that are restorative, healthy and just.

I would love to bring that concept into the garden and all the students and teachers it can reach. As an avid nature journaler, I would bring art into the curriculum as it helps us become visual thinkers and make connections to the cross cutting concepts in science.

waterfallIt is hard to gain managerial experience as a classroom teacher, but I have served as the Science Department Chair for the last two school years and on my site and district level leadership teams.

I was also the point person for the Ocean Ambassadors program where I organized two field trips for our seventh graders and collaborated to integrate their curriculum into the Next Generation Science Standards.

I would love an opportunity to interview for this position.

little free libraryI live close to the garden and can think of no better place to ride my bike to as I expand in the position of Education Manager.

In Service,

andrea M Parker

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