May 2, 2019

Dear Mindful Life Project,

labyrinth, cover letterI recently participated in the Mindful Life Project pilot program at Oak Grove Middle School in Concord. I appreciated getting to know my colleagues more intimately in the space that was created for self-exploration through the practice of mindfulness.

I am interested in the Program Manager position. Having recently decided to step outside of the classroom after twelve years, I know I will excel at supporting and collaborating with others to integrate the necessary thread of mindfulness into a school’s community fabric.

I welcome the opportunity to share my presence with adults and young people and am motivated to work towards systematic change.

I am detail-oriented, organized and a confident public speaker. I have developed numerous presentations, from mindful communication to generating awareness of marginalization.

My practice has developed over the last three years and I have discovered more time, more ease, and more acceptance.

I first learned about mindfulness in education at a high school in Soquel, California in 2015.

I knew the implications and benefits of the teacher workshop and immediately wondered, why wait until we are adults to cultivate these skills? I found and signed up for the fundamentals class. It is interesting to look back on my first few practices as being so long and shaky. Since then my stamina has increased as well as my intention to find time to practice daily. I proceeded to take the educators class and I have used both the elementary and high school curriculums at previous schools.

Witnessing groups of reluctant students, some unwilling to close their eyes, grow their practice into extended sit time using anchors to tether them to the present moment is amazing. 

flip your lid, cover letterAs a former science teacher, I have background knowledge in brain science and an ability to explain concepts clearly and simply.  My own personal practice continues to help me be the best version of myself. I know that change happens when all stakeholders come together to cultivate our latent skills to find solutions rooted in place.

Children deserve to learn how to empower themselves thus transforming themselves and their communities. 

I would love to dedicate myself to sharing the joy and practice of mindfulness full-time. I look forward to an interview to talk more about the expansion of the project.

In kindness,

andrea Parker

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