Cover Letter Three

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August 5, 2019

Dear Animal Rescue Foundation Team,

With over a decade of experience working in education and a passion for creative storytelling, I can leverage my skill set to excel as the Marketing Manager for ARF.

dog at garden

io posing at the Ruth Bancroft Garden

I have extensive expertise in technology, yearly curriculum planning, and communicating via various platforms with children and adults.

Working towards my Master’s in Humane Education, I know the importance of educating the public about animals. We can improve the lives of countless animals by ensuring values of compassion, care, and sustainability are at the forefront of the narrative.

cows grazing

Cows grazing at Peace Ridge Sanctuary in Maine.

I embody ARF’s core value of the educator’s spirit.

Through my experience at design school, I continue to build creative confidence that will help me generate fresh ideas, novel approaches, and develop educational materials. I will learn to target new donors by identifying new markets, increase awareness of existing programs and strengthen relationships within the community.


Turkeys in Santa Cruz Mountains

As a scientist, I have an eye for identifying patterns and trends that I can use towards maintaining a cohesive branding strategy.

My experience with social media platforms, WordPress and Adobe Creative will help in developing a style and aesthetic in strategic publications design.

I am a talented writer and am eager to lend my voice to generating new materials, stories and content that will increase visibility, traffic and homes for animals.

My recent Writing for Social Change class has opened my eyes to the world of language as a means to catalyze change in the world.

pot belly pig

Pot belly pig at Peace Ridge Sanctuary in Maine

I envision a world where all beings are taken care of and loved.

As a classroom teacher, I focused on building relationships, offering constructive feedback and establishing a safe and inclusive environment. I have experience leading a team as the science department chair, encouraging others to step out of their comfort zone, and using reflection in group and individual experiences.

sea gull

Sea Gull with San Francisco cityscape

I problem solve on my feet and modify as I go.

I am highly organized, both digitally and physically, and am confident task switching to meet deadlines with an eye for innovative use of resources.

I would love an opportunity to apply for this job. I am available immediately. 


In Service,

andrea Parker

cat on books

Jasper posing on some books

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