Cover Letter Two

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July 17, 2019

Dear Save Mount Diablo Team,

mt. Diablo

View of Mt. Diablo from Briones through Valley Oak Tree

Two years ago, I commuted from Berkeley to Concord and fell in love with Mount Diablo. It was a highlight of my drive to see her outlined against the rising sun in the morning.

Last summer, I moved to Walnut Creek and have enjoyed saying hello to her while stopped at various red lights, framed within the BART window and from the tops of other peaks.

I have spent over a decade teaching science at various levels and disciplines and I am currently working on a Master of Education in Humane Education. This skill set gives me a depth of knowledge, plus the critical, visual and systems thinking necessary to understand the importance of preservation of open space based on environmental, animal and human impacts. With this experience I can excel as the Development Associate and Database Manager. 

view from mt diablo

View from Mt. Diablo towards San Francisco.

I have decided to step outside of the classroom and I cannot think of an organization that I would be more proud to work for besides Save Mount Diablo.

Being an educator is vital experience for a development team member. I can leverage my ability to prepare and present information to various groups to educate people about the impact of their donations. I have used many systems to run reports and analyze data from student information systems, to online testing programs. The analysis was used to inform my teaching and the overall direction of the school. I am proficient with technology on all platforms and I have a working knowledge of Adobe Creative for design. I am a persuasive communicator, both written and in person. I have a keen eye for detail and task switching optimally. I recently served as the science department chair and as part of two leadership teams, so I am confident setting agendas, running meetings and taking an active role in moving plans forward. I enjoy working as part of a team.

I have a lot of creative confidence and can use that to work collaboratively and independently.

view from mt. diablo

Wildflowers of Mt. Diablo

I would love an opportunity to interview for this position. I am available immediately.

I am willing to do whatever is needed to help assist in the mission of the land trust, to ensure the beauty and ecosystem services of Mount Diablo and her sisters are available to human and nonhuman animals alike in perpetuity.


andrea M Parker


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