Here is my top 5. Frankincense for immune support, inflammation and wrinkles. Melaleuca for acne, sore throat and candida (yeast). Lavender for calming, allergies and wounds. Peppermint for alertness, sinuses and cooling. Lemon for disinfecting, water purification and stress. Just to name a few uses of these wonder oils.

Here is my top 5. Frankincense for immune support, inflammation and wrinkles. Melaleuca for acne, sore throat and candida (yeast). Lavender for calming, allergies and wounds. Peppermint for alertness, sinuses and cooling. Lemon for disinfecting, water purification and stress. Just to name a few uses of these wonder oils.

All the different oils, blends, and methods of use- it can all be overwhelming. Where do I start with essential oils and what will I need to take my health into my own hands?

Let me describe for you what I do on the daily and also what my partner does. Two different people, both using pure essential oils in different and similar ways. Welcome to our world.


Quartz and Puffy, our little babies, as they cuddle up in the morning time on the fresh made bed. Actually this picture could be taken at any time, but I love it.


I wake up and do my oil pulling with a drop of an essential oil, either oregano, melaleuca or clove, in about 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.  I wash my face and then I get a cotton ball to apply some witch hazel.  I then add a drop of melaleuca to the cotton ball and rub it all over my face. The pure oil is mild enough to not dry my face out like the 360 brand we used to use.  Next I put some coconut oil on my face as my moisturizer and SPF with one drop of the king of oils Frankincense.  I used to also use this oil religiously on my feet every day too.  Now I am branching out and trying other things, but it’s such a great one. Before I put on my shoes and socks I put a drop on each foot- a protective blend if I am feeling sick, a citrus if I want to feel uplifted, a grounding blend if I need that, really whatever I feel like- but when in doubt, use Frankincense.  Next I brush my teeth with the an essential oil toothpaste that is fluoride free!  I fill up my water bottle, an 32 oz mason jar and add 3-4 drops of lemon and I am out the door. That is a total of 5 applications; my mouth for oil pulling, my face for both acne and wrinkles, my feet for what I’m needing and my water for detoxification.  You can do all of this with only the 3 oils bolded above, more if you are curious.

A picture of the Pacific Ocean taken from the horticulture building of Cabrillo College. A beautiful noontime view.


This would be the time to fill up your water bottle and add more lemon. Recently I have been feeling some heartburn so I am drinking a digestion blend.  If I am feeling lazy I use an invigorating blend behind the ears or in my own personal diffuser, my hands.  his is also the time that I reapply whatever I am using or change gears towards what I am feeling now.  When I get home from work I love to relax and sometimes I need to use a tension blend for any headache I might have from the day.  If I need or want it, I will put on the diffuser now for the early evening.  I love exploring the oils and their combinations.  If I put in a blend I will only add one other single oil.  If I am using single oils I will add usually two or maybe three.  I love reading the Modern Essentials book for this.

Night Time

Sunset in the streets of my old life in Oakland, CA.


At the end of the day I set my diffuser to work for me while I am sleeping.  I love a calming blend the calming blend or lavender at night for sleeping.  I will rub one on my feet before bed and/ or put it in the diffuser.  I will diffuse a protective blend if I am feeling like I am getting sick or a respiratory blend if I am congested, which later I apply to my chest too.  As we have been collecting oils, I have been experimenting with them in my diffuser from our resources; Modern Essentials and the emotions and essential oils book.

Oils I always need on hand and in my LRP!

For various reasons these are the single oils we can’t be without that I have yet to mention.  Peppermint for its energizing ability, also its cooling effect after a workout and its great for you breath or to wake you up, either in the morning or driving at night.  Not only will lavender help you sleep, but you can put it on cuts and scrapes or your lips.  Oregano for its help with sicknesses.  The blends that I love for their combined properties, aromatic smells and specific uses are these: the protective blend for immune support and cleaning of the air, a women’s monthly blend– to use when I am menstruating (it’s amazing how just the smell of it when pulling my pants down to go to the bathroom later in the day will release some aroma and make me feel better), and a soothing blend for my aches and pains left over from skating and just being in this physical form for 30+ years.

My partner’s day

Kirsten and Puffin, soulmates.

Kirsten and Puffin, soulmates.


Starts with oil pulling as well, she goes for oregano or On Guard.  She will put some mood oils on her feet for anxiety and depression.  She loves the invigorating blend or our newest wild orange.  Citrus’ are really good at picking you up and giving you a lift.   Sometimes she will use a grounding blend for the grounding effect on her emotions or serenity for a sense of calm.  She is also using Grapefruit on her legs for cellulite.  Her water bottle is always full of lemon and recently the wild orange or ginger.  We just got sandalwood so she is uses that on her face with coconut oil as it has natural SPF!


She takes a bunch of oils with her and uses them throughout the day. Peppermint shes loves for energy and fresh breath.  Her chosen citrus she will use to reapply behind her ears to feel uplifted.  She carries a tension blend for headaches.  A big one for her is the respiratory blend.  She has asthma and uses it to clear her nasal passages. Sometimes her students are too sensitive to the aroma so she uses the peppermint instead when she is at work.  She also carries lavender, lemon and the protective blend.  She has a whole pharmacy in her backpack and usually some samples to give away as well.  If she is on her period, she most definitely carries the women’s monthly blend as she needs to reapply it often for her pain body.


At night she usually uses the respiratory before bed on her chest.  We both will enjoy what is in the diffuser based on our needs.  If she wakes up in the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep right way she will rub some of the calming blend on the bottoms of her feet and it usually helps her get back to sleep.

If we are feeling ill:

We like to nip it in the bud.  We will take pills that we make of 4 drops each of Oregano, protective blend and Frankincense.  I like to use Melaleuca for a sore throat. Both of us love the protective blend and Frankie for immune support.  The best ever is a mug of hot water with a drop each of melaleuca, oregano, peppermint and lemon to open the nasal passages, break up the cell membranes of the invading germs and offer breathing relief quick.

Lastly I love the Whisper blend for women which is the best smelling perfume ever.  I get compliments everytime I wear it.  It is the bomb and it smells unique on me like it will on you.

How do you use essential oils?

Which of the above sounds like something you would like to try?

What is in your top 5?  Its hard to decide really.

Talk to me if you want more information, email me at andrea at mindfulboost dot com, I would love to talk to you.  You too can have goodies in the mail every month!

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