Essential oils can be used to create flavors in the kitchen.  Oils that are made in pure therapeutic grade that are great for adding to whatever you whip up in the kitchen.  They perform double duty too, they add flavor as well as bringing their natural health supporting properties.  We can think beyond the bathroom soaps and bedroom candles for this one.  On the plus side, these last way longer than herbs, are potent and require no work besides unscrewing the cap.

Let us start by looking the water we drink. Lemon is a great detoxifier for your water and your body. Add some drops, I usually use 4-5 drops in a 32 oz water bottle, and I am drinking yummy water all morning.  If you want to jazz it up you can try grapefruit, lime, bergamot or wild orange. Citrus’ are also naturally mood boosting- bonus. Put some in your purse and use it out at restaurants. If you are feeling like you have an upset stomach you can use a digestive blend in some water and you will be amazed. Our first experience with using this one was during the Thanksgiving holiday, after a day of eating, drinking and more eating, we needed some help. After drinking just a drop or two in a small glass of water we felt instantly better and like we could breath again.

Now lets talk about coffee. Really you can add oils to your coffee?  Yes. We use a chemex at home and I tried to add some to the hot chemex after I heated it with the boiling water, but I found the drops hard to get out with the steam. Kirsten’s solution, add the drops to the coffee grinds- genius. If you have a regular coffee maker you can add them to the grinds or to the pot itself, whatever you like better. Either way I use about 3 drops of cassia per 2 cups of coffee. Cassia is a relative of cinnamon that helps with digestion, is uplifting and supports your immune system. You can also add cinnamon of course!

Like to make smoothies, who doesn’t? Veggies dressed with with fruits and nuts or seeds, yum.  You can add all kinds of different oils to your smoothie. Try ginger for its digestion support and zingy taste or its cousin cardamom. Add some cilantro for a fresh flavor and antioxidants or some fennel for some sweet licorice flavor and  its tonic qualities. Any of the above citrus’ would be great here as well.  Don’t forget to inhale as you create your blended concotions for the aromatic benefits too.

Dont forget cooking. Many oils can be used to add incredible flavor to recipes. You can try; restoring basil, stimulating black pepper, great for your teeth clove, coriander for its help with the insulin response, the aroma of lemongrass, the many system help of marjoram, the strength of oregano, rosemary without the stems, timeless thyme and any from your smoothies above. Just remember essential oils are concentrated so one drop goes a long way, so start there. Remember you can always add flavor, but you can never subtract it. Taste your dish as you go along and enjoy your experiments.

And don’t forget baking if that is up your alley.  Some lavender cookies would be nice or ones with a citrus freshness.  I can imagine some scones or some raw balls (google a recipe they are awesome goodness!)

Can’t get enough, join the club.  You can clean with them too.  Lemon is your friend here too along with white fur for cleaning.  Put about 10 drops into a small spray bottle with distilled water and can clean your kitchen or bathroom while enjoy the aroma.

How else do you use essential oils for adding flavor?  Let me know how your tongue is tickled.

Want to know how to get your hands on some of the best oils around? Email me: andrea [at] mindfulboost [dot] com

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