I recently participated in a writing workshop.  It was my first time doing anything of the sort and I was keeping an open mind about benefiting myself, my blog and my written expression.

The class was lead by a local writer named Laura Davis, who happened to have co-written the book I am reading for my toddler development class at Cabrillo College titled Becoming the Parent You Want to Be.  It all seemed kismet.

I was not disappointed.

We did 10 minute writes on different prompts.  This one affected me the most.  I read it aloud and I was surprised to feel emotion welling up.  Here it is word for word.

purple universe

I come from the universe.  I am pieces of matter, what we call matter- humans who have to see to believe, have to prove what we can, so we can have some control over our lives.

I come from source.  I am energy.  I am tiny vibrations that when looked upon by other eyes appear solid, and living, and Andrea.  But I come from you.

I am not seperate, other, different.  I am you, just like you are me.  Such a unifying thought, one both beautiful in its simplicity yet so scary and unbelievable when seen through the existence of someone else.

What does that mean, else?  Is it a reason to justify fighting, greed and corruption?  Is it a knowledge so ancient and foreign that is is of another language and hard to grasp?

We can’t grasp it with our hands, our tools for understanding and making meaning of the world.  If we can’t grasp it then it doesn’t exist.  Yet it is something we can grasp within ourselves, the part inside of us that will continue to exist once our bodies have shrunk, wrinkled and whittled down to bone in the ground.

But we need to preserve what was here; pump it full of formaldehyde, paint the face, put us in our best clothes, lay us on a  bed of silk and within a box of pine. Then lower us down in a hole in the ground that is edged in cement.

That will stop the hands of time.

Not me, I know that I come from before this body, this physical experience and that no matter how my corpse is laid to rest that I will still be here.  But will you know me then?

We will reunite easily.  Will the bulb of remembrance ignite and all our human separateness be gone because we were never really us; but all one, all god, all of the same source.

Part of the universe.

blue universeWhere do you come from?

Are you a starseed?

Do you follow a spiritual path?

Are you a seeker?

Do you marvel at our miniscule size compared to the vastness of the universe?




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