I recently picked a card from my Crystal Ally Cards, Amazonite, personal truth. The author and creator of the cards, Naisha Ahsian, said something that stuck with me in the description of the card.


“In this image, a mirror of Amazonite stands alone in a vast sky scape.  In the mirror is also reflected the image of Amazonite.  This is the image of personal truth.  That which is on the inside is exhibited on the outside, and is reflected back at you from all that is in your environment.”

Such a great reminder that what we display/ project/ offer… will be the exact things that are reflected back at us.  What we get is what we are putting forth. Our actions have ripple effects and those effects are sent back to us on the timeless journey of life’s moments. Therefore the only way to experience joy, peace, love, justice, compassion is to be those things and also share them with others.

The other day, I was reading the book Gratitude:  A Way of Life, and a contributor was expressing a story of being awakened to the joys of life and gratitude by a dog bite on her butt.  Prior to the bite she was ruminating about the things that were bad or not going right, she used the term “awfulizing.” Seems like its quite easy to slip into this mode of awfulizing and then seeing that reflected back, more awfulness.  We can get out of this cycle.

Turns out our minds have neuroplasticity and we can adjust the chemistry by focusing on gratitude.  Once we start to awaken to the good things in our life, even if they are few right now, we will start to see good things reflect back and eventually our life will be filled with goodness.  Each moment we spend in gratitude will bring more moments of reasons to be grateful.  We will start to experience how our thoughts and actions can ripple and reflect back on us in a joyous way.  This will work to forge new neural pathways, the more we use them the more they are myelinated or strengthened.

As Jeff Olson in the Slight Edge would say, “easy to do, easy not to do.”  Indeed, daily we make choices, or our subconscious makes them for us, and we live with what we get.  Our expressions of gratitude can purposefully reprogram our subconscious so it will respond that way, overwriting our current programming and conditioning.  Turns out if you add up all the messages you received as a child we would have heard “5 times as many nos as yeses.”  As soon as we realize this simple idea of reflection, we can start to make the small steps, savor the good moments and express our gratitude, listening to and creating more yeses.lotus

So it is at any time of year, any moment of any day (preferably many moments) where we can focus ourselves on feeling grateful and thanking the universe for creating such harmony and abundance.  After all, we are in abundance with what we express.  It might not seem like good will start to flow from bad, but the subtle shift in perspective can have a magnifying experience.  Another contributor said, “it is impossible to feel unhappy and grateful at the same time.”

Today I am grateful for being able to express myself through my blog and say whatever I want to say, for putting out my ideas to try to perpetuate gratitude and love.  For having a positive impact on myself and those around me.  For everyone who clicks a link and finds warmth, a reason to smile, a path for expansion.  For everyone who reads this and for everyone who does not.

I am grateful and it begins with great.  Looking at the world through great glasses can be challenging at first, it might even be downright foreign, but the action is really easy to learn.  You can focus on the small things, the things that can seem insignificant- this can be the source for our newly acknowledged grateful stash. Expand and savor them.  Feel your brain being wired for love instead of fear. Celebrating this moments can change your ripples going out and your reflection coming back.  All by shifting our perspective, by not letting unhappy win.

Yesterday, I was at a staff meeting and there was a man who was offering a mindfulness class as a way to give back to teachers to prevent burnout.  It made me truly grateful for my experiences with meditation and my blog, the mindful boost I am putting out.  I also realized that if this is something we need to teach adults, then we need to teach it to children.  Why wait?  Let us give them the skills they need today so they can use them on their journey.  Teachers get so bogged down with the “curriculum”  like it is something stagnate and cannot change.  It is fluid and it should be based on more than just facts- on practical ways to live, express and interact with ourselves and others.  On ways to unplug and just be.

Let us give thanks, today.  And when tomorrow comes, it is still today.  Namaste.

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