This seems like a crazy idea.

We are taught that if we do not feel well, then we need to go to the doctors. They know how to treat me and I did not go to medical school.  This is how we have always done it in my family.  Get a prescription, go to the pharmacy and fill it, then wait for the side effects.

We have grown up to believe that doctors know best and that they need to tell us what to do to get well.  The problem is that this method is dealing with symptoms and not prevention.  People need to be empowered in their own health.  It was Hippocrates who said:

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

This is Greek physician cerca some BC who became the father of medicine and is the namesake for the oath that all modern doctors take.  His prescription above puts people in the role of doctors when we realize the absolute importance of what we put in our bodies as the means to maintaining or regaining our own health.

It’s almost easier to just say, fudge it, I am going to drive through McD’s on my way home before I sit on the couch for the rest of the night bombarded by commercials and then when I need to I will let my doctor give me a pill for what ails me.  Taken this way medicine is a handful of pills we swallow, not something that we have a stake in.  My dad used to tell me growing up that my body was my temple.  He did not like me getting tattoos to adorn my temple, but he had it right. Our bodies are it, they are our means to express our existence here on Earth.  It just so happens that this temple is really amazing with input of food and water to fuel all that we think, do and feel.  Why are we asking another to take care of the place we are dwelling in 24/7?

Let us look at an easier example.  Around 12 years ago I bought a new car, straight off the lot with 15 miles on it.  Whenever I needed to I put gas in, changed the oil, tires, belts…  Lots of this I could do myself, some I needed to have someone else take care of for me.  There was never a time when that little maintence light came on that I did not hightail it to somewhere to have my baby looked at.  The point was I needed this car to take me to point A to point B daily, so I needed to be preventative and maintain its productivity.  If I didn’t I would be taking my chevrolegs to my next destination. If we maintain our cars so that they do not break down on the side of the road, why do we not do the same and better for our bodies which will be what we are left with walking along the road.

Recently I had my big life changing event where I could no longer afford my health insurance.  What’s the big deal right?  I never used it.  Too bad covered california is telling me I only have till next month to be covered for the whole year and if I don’t have coverage then I will be taxed by uncle sam.  So here I am looking at the fine print of policies that allow me to go to some doctors but not others and no where in sight are the things I would actually shell out money for;   massage, acupuncture, yoga, walks on the beach and my essential oils.  But as you have always heard, what happens if something catastrophic happens and you do not have insurance?  You are left with hospital bills you do not even really have to pay, j/k.  My perspective now is that my health is mine- I decide who I allow to give me advice and I have a say in my temple’s preservation.

As I search for my own avenues for my health and wellness I keep coming back to essential oils, specifically pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  I want the things that I put in, on and around my body to be pure and as close to nature as possible.  I always think back to the Earth Children series by Jean Auel and how people lived for thousands of years without amoxicillin, zetia, and everything inbetween.  We used to be connected to nature, knew what plant species to use for what afflicted us and we ate with the seasons.

I have decided to be proactive in dealing with my overall wellness.  The funny thing about pharmaceuticals too, is that their ideas come from nature.  Biologist find plants that have natural defenses to certain things and they break the compounds down in a laboratory and recreate them with the addition of a host of other things that lead the side effects we all just live with.  How many times have we read magazines or heard in commercials the litany of side effects and just shrugged it off.  I mean if I want my eyelashes to be more lush, then I can deal with itchy eye and engorgement of the blood vessels in my eye.

So if pills are made from synthetic plant parts, then why are we so scared to go straight to the source of these compounds in nature?  It’s baffling to me as I am experiencing all of the wonderful effects of topically applying, diffusing and even drinking essential oils; better sleep, clearer skin, enhanced mood…  As part of an wellness advocate team with my partner, we, and the company realize, that it is all about education and options.  Just like if you are trying to get a child to eat a new vegetable or food, you cannot just give it to them once and accept it when they say they don’t like it.  You need to keep giving them more exposures to watch you eat it, to look, taste, touch and even spit it out before they will start to enjoy it themselves and all of this without any pressure.  We are adults, but the process of education ourselves is still the same.  We need to learn from our experiences, listen to others and find companies that align with our values so we can vote for what we want more of with each dollar we spend.  This also needs to apply to our foods by following at least the clean 15 and dirty dozen.

Dirty dozen plus and the Clean 15. At least you can follow this when you do your voting with your dollars. Easier to vote for a tasty treat then a figure head sticking out of a big business pocket.

Dirty dozen plus and the Clean 15. At least you can follow this when you do your voting with your dollars. Easier to vote for a tasty treat then a figure head sticking out of a big business pocket.

Again the more we vote for something by buying it, the more available it is and the cheaper it becomes.  Vote organic. Subscribe to a local community supported agriculture (CSA) box.


Quartz in a farm box

Quartz in a farm box.

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils please comment or email andrea at mindfulboost dot com so we can do a one-on-one.

It’s time we all work to make our health our top priority.  To increase our temple’s purity.  To take all the necessary steps to avoid using our insurance. To get back to nature and even walk in the grass barefoot.


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