Seriously.  This reminds me of the adage:

Cant fix it, duck it.  Can’t duck it, f#ck it.Coconut Oil

I have this visual of my brother telling me this as he is duck tapping his surfboard and joking about how he is going to get sponsored by duck tape.

So, coconut oil.  It is surprising how many things you can actually use this wonderful balm for.  We buy the oil to the right at costco for $24.99. I’ll highlight a few of the myriad of ways we are currently using this white gold.  The new adage is:

Ran out of what you need? Whip out the coconut oil, you’re welcome.

We started out cooking with it.  Regular old lets put it in the pan for a nice saute or melt some in a roasting pan and mix in the veggies when it’s melted and roast. The oil jar used to live in a kitchen cabinet, now it lives in our bedroom.   The oil adds a gentle coconut flavor to things.  I add it to the rice cooker too.  When we make toast we spread it on like butter.  I can’t believe it’s not hydrogenated.

Uses all over your body. General all purpose lotion. Get out of the shower and run some in your hands to melt and cover your body. Add in some pure essential oil of your choice and enjoy the homemade fragrance.  Watch the citrus oils here because of the sun exposure. Include your armpits with an essential oil grounding blend for some homemade deodorant.  Who needs to put aluminum on right next to all their lymph nodes, really?  Next up, moisturizing.  I even put it on my face with some Frankincense essential oil as my anti-wrinkle moisturizer.  I found the best complementary technology for this circa 1987. A personal coffee electric heater. [I found mine at the goodwill for 3.49, you can find one here, it’s gonna cost you a few more dollars but you will enjoy it.]  We put our oil in a small glass mason jar and put it on the heater before we apply.  As a bonus it warms it in addition to melting it.  Coconut oil actually has a natural SPF of 8, it can be a safe alternative to conventional sunscreens.  Our skin needs vitamin D, we should not block it out daily with these toxic substances but allow it to develop its own tolerance.  You can also wash your face with the stuff.  You apply the oil to your face. Take a wash cloth, warm it with water and then apply to your face for at least 30 seconds.  Take a moment and lie down and relax till you feel you are ready and your pores have opened enough. Then gently wipe the oil off with the cloth.  You can add essential oils to the oil before you put it on.  Try melaleuca for clear skin or lavender for its soothing effects.  All of these are options that are nontoxic and natural.  Why should we put all of these chemicals on our bodies?  Look at your labels, how many ingredients are there? How many that you can’t read?  When you make your own at home, you  know what is going into them.

This is one of those times you wish you had a before and after of your mouth all zoomed in.

This is one of those times you wish you had a before and after of your mouth all zoomed in.

After Kirsten having a scary dentist appointment, we started oil pulling. And I mean scary- sitting in a strange waiting room where you are not sure if they know you are there or not for your appointment, wondering if you will be greeted and all the while reading yelp reviews that your dentist is about the worst on the planet and has a dog under her desk.  Hearing about gum disease will cause anyone to find alternative solutions especially while we wait for our insurance to update to our new dentist.  Now every morning and sometimes evening will have silent time.  10-15 minutes of swishing one tablespoon of oil around in our mouths.  You easily just push the oil through your teeth and pull back and repeat.  There are a few stages you can notice where it starts to get foamy and then becomes thin before you spit it out and the color goes from clear to white.  The coconut oil pulls toxins out of your mouth.  I recommend doing a warm salt water rinse at the end or lots of water.  Its actually a nice mindful meditation time.  At the end I get up good phlegm and my teeth or noticeably whiter after only 3 weeks.

You can also make coffee with it.  You read that right.  No creamer or it is spoiled, no problem. Break out the blender and your coconut oil and you are saved and served up a frothy morning beverage.  I know this sounds strange, I mean oil in your coffee?  The next time you are in a pinch, what have you got to lose? It is a lovely weekend routine or daily if you are loving it.  Here is list:

I add the sugar, the oil and a measured cup of coffee from my mug and blend for 20 seconds with the top vented.

I add the sugar, the oil and a measured cup of coffee from my mug and blend for 20 seconds with the top vented.

  1. Make coffee as you would any day
  2. Add hot water to your blender (to transfer heat) and pour out
  3. Add a tablespoon of coconut oil and some sugar to the blender (no much its naturally sweet)
  4. Fill up your coffee cup with coffee to measure your cup
  5. Pour coffee into the blender and blend for 20 seconds with the top cracked and a dish towel to catch the drips.
  6. Pour into your cup and enjoy.
    Yummy and foamy blended coffee.

    Yummy and foamy blended coffee.

Just try it.  It also energizes you for your day and revs up your metabolism.  You get all the benefits of the oil in your diet and a coffee house drink at home.  My suggestion is you enjoy hot and quickly so the oil does not start to separate.

We are still finding more and more ways to use this oil and take our beauty into our own hands.  We love how easily you can mix in various essential oils and enjoy double benefits.  You can also get fractionated coconut oil that is always in a liquid form that you can use for dilutions of oils for sensitive skin.

What do you use coconut oil for?

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