June 21, 20015Altar

It has been a week since my brother’s wedding, which was more like a multiday event. One thing it showed was how loved and supported my brother and his wife are. Our first night was spent rehearsing and having dinner at a mexican restaurant with some karaoke after.  They came full circle that night from in standing in line outside a karaoke club on the night they met.

The next day was the ceremony and reception.  One of my brothers best men actually designed the venue space at the Garland and it was magical.  My brother and my dad worked together to create the altar that was covered with flowers and ribbon.  My brother’s best friend growing up was the officiant, Robyn had just the right mixture of humor, seriousness and class. The day was lovely, a perfect night for a celebration.

Andrew and CristinaCocktail hour

I remember my brother saying he couldn’t believe this was all for him.  I was lucky enough to walk their little dog Sophia down the aisle.  As we moved from the cocktail hour to the reception area it was a seamless transition.  We are even able to stop off and change shoes for dancing.  I was seated at table 7 with some cousins and friends, which we chanted about numerous times.  They had a huge photo booth for taking and crashing group photos.  Andrew had a surprise for his bride of some songs he performed with his buddy and our sister.  The first was one of my favorites from Dispatch “Out loud.”  Some of my favorite lyrics are these:Andrew Song

And if we were gone from the land we know
Would you be the dawn and let your beauty still show
And if ever I were walking and heard the cold night coming
Would you call my name? ‘Cause you know I’d come running

If you call my name out loud
If you call my name out loud
Do you suppose that I would come running
Do you suppose I’d come at all?

You know I would, you know I would, yeah
You know I would, you know I would
Yeah I come runnin’, I come runnin’
I come runnin’, I come runnin’
If you call my name out out.

Way to marinade her brother (wink wink).  I wrote a speech for my brothers wedding. Thanks to some emotion and laryngitis it was hard to hear I’m sure.   Here it is below:

I am so proud to be speaking for my brother on this wonderful occasion.  I want to welcome Cristina into our family.  I am glad I can call you sister and now when someone shouts Parker, another head will turn.  Your vows tonight were synchronistic and it was beautiful.  Every time I come down here and visit, I marvel at the speed of life down here and also at the excruciating halt you sometimes find yourself in.  Yet despite that you both have built a family of friends around you, as witness by all the people in attendance here today.  As a teacher we are constantly thinking of ways to motivate, inspire and forge relationships with young people.  One of the things I have learned is that our relationship bonds are the strongest things we have.  When asked what we really appreciate in life most people will tell you it is friends, family and loves ones.  Andrew was my best friend growing up and we experienced many things together.  After Andrew finished his backpacking trip with Alicia through central America, I meet up with him in Costa Rica.  On one leg of our trip, we crossed the mainland from the capital of San Jose to the coast, took a ferry- we traveled all day.  Once we arrived at this little beach town we continued to walk towards our hostel.  It was night time, we were tired.  We walked up to the window to get our keys and the person did not have our reservation.  Andrew at this time was pretty fluent in Spanish and was getting more and more upset talking to this person about our so called non-existent reservation.  I remember the words, “pero tenemos un reservation!”  I go up to the window and as I’m looking in I see his name tacked to the wall.  Andres Parker- dos personas.  I point this out to Andrew and minutes later we drop off our stuff off in our room and start walking along the beach witnessing the most magnificent lightning storm across the water.  Andrew I am so happy you have found your best friend it life.  I want to leave you both with this as you start your new life together.  Remember that you always have reservations and sometimes you need to fight for them, tack them to the wall, but they will lead you to the best memories of your lives.  Salud.

FlowersWe danced till we were asked to leave the ballroom and people drifted off to their rooms.  The next day we went to the newlyweds house for brunch, cocktails and wedding cake.  Its lovely when you can reuse flowers.  It was nice to sit with and dance with different people during this weekend and get to know and reconnect with some of the people in their lives.  Some family and friends I hadn’t seen in years, some I barely got a glimpse of and didn’t even get to hug, Stevie.

While you newlyweds might not have another weekend like that, I hope that the feelings can last a lifetime.  I want to thank you for including all of us in your wedding extravaganza. May you celebrate your wedded bliss everyday and snuggle Sophia as much as you can.  Here is to a renewal of the vows in 2025.

The Parker’s have ARRIVED.

What are your memories of the wedding?

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