This is one of the first questions that you pose to yourself when you are thinking about sharing the knowledge and power about essential oils with others.

I teach about essential oils because I want to teach people something that is useful to them in their lives and because it is  something they want to learn about.

Books that I reference on the daily, in addition to videos and websites. I have put a lot of brain work into how essential oils affect our bodies, brains, emotions, wellness...

Books that I reference on the daily, in addition to videos and websites. I have put a lot of brain work into how essential oils affect our bodies, brains, emotions, wellness…

At the end of my secondary teaching career I had a principal who wanted me to give her my entire outline for the year by the beginning of the year.  It was an email I never responded to.  If I were asked now what I taught I could pass on some great lessons and units.  The reason is because I consulted with my students and tailored lessons around what they were interested in.  This cannot be done in the first month of school, but is a process with many ends to be weaved together and tied only at the end of our journey together.  This too is a far cry from the beginning of my career where it was more like here is what you are going to teach, teach it and don’t ask questions.  Just like children are not taught how to craft questions and challenge authority, so I was as a rookie teacher fresh out of college, of the same mind.

This was a big reason why I left the school district and started working in a preschool.  A place where we observe the children and what they enjoy, give them freedom of uninterrupted play , sing songs and explore creativity with art, the natural world and learn to get along.  There is something about asking questions of a child and seeing their eyes light up or asking them to answer their own questions and finding they can deduce the answer.

Along the way of making this huge change it my life explore a path of increased passion and joy, I discovered essential oils.  After months of using them daily, I started realizing that the information I was learning was really powerful.  Not only had it transformed my life and created a wellness cabinet, but it sparked in me a fire burned down to coals that was how I got into education in the first place.  I started talking to my aunt about the business side of essential oils and I was hooked.  Here it was- something that was such a profound part of my life that was going to put my up in front of people who cared about the lesson I had prepared for them and were eager to understand what I was saying.  This, my friends, is a very far cry from my days in the classroom.  And as it should be, our decaying educational institution is just that- a relic of the past single class room schoolhouse that institutionalizes our minds, encourages and rewards simple regulation and completely negates half our brains.  I recently heard a discourse from Swamiji where he said a student asked him a question, “If teachers are not able to teach all of the classes, why are students expected to excel in all of the classes at the same time?”  I digress.

The wonderful thing about all of this too is that I first learned of essential oils from one of my students.  I had one period where we explored eastern versus western healing and “medicine”.  I had them each research something of the eastern persuasion that they would teach the class about.  One student brought in a bunch of essential oils, her reference book and gave us all the rundown of how she and her family were using them.  Sometimes it takes people a while to get there with essential oils (like me), but when they do they want to shout it strangers.

So here I am, with my partner practicing our lessons for keen crowds or one on ones.  Everyone has a reason why they show up, we tap into that and give them the background knowledge to support and enhance their well being at home.  The areas of your life that can be affected are mirad; your health, vigor, emotions, spirituality, dreams, physical body, minor to major issues, stress, the list is endless really.

It gives me joy to be able to serve people in a way where I know they can benefit from what I am telling them because I see it reflected back at me in their faces. No longer is it me up there looking at people staring at their phones or putting their heads down.

Now if only we could revamp the educational system, but then who would the consumers be?  More on this and homeschooling in another post.

What a crazy concept to ask someone why they do what they do.  Why do you do what you do?

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  • Sue Parker says:

    Excellent article, Andrea. I have sent it on to about 25 other folks who will be able to relate! Keep up the blogging. I love reading about your inner thoughts, journey and essential oil musings….Thank you for that….Sue

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