A pine cone shaped gland, nestled in the center of our brain between the two hemispheres near the place where our eyebrows meet, controls our wake and sleep cycles as well as our connection to our true selves.

My interpretation of our pineal gland. (because I had a skull laying around)

My interpretation of our pineal gland. (because I had a skull laying around)

As part of our endocrine system, of hormone producing glands (one never selected for projects when students were given a choice), this gland plays a role in our circadian rhythm. The pineal gland releases the hormone melatonin that helps with sleep and also regulates reproductive hormones.  Our circadian rhythm is our biological clock that tells us when to sleep and be awake, which has been affected by having lights or screens staring us in the face all the time.  Most importantly it is our third eye, our ajna chakra.

Of course there are differences of opinion about what this gland really does bases on who you talk to, a scientist or a mystic.  No matter what, we should not accept that over time this gland becomes calcified by things we put in your bodies based on choices of those who are supposed to protect us or our indoctrination by society.  Namely fluoride, to start.   Contrary to what your dentist told you, or television commercials, fluoride is not a natural element on our periodic table (that is florine), it is a nasty byproduct of industrial processes. Don’t have a way to dispose of something toxic, “I know!” lets put in the drinking water, no one will care.

Easy enough to avoid.  By fluoride free toothpaste and check your local water.  If it is fluoridated you need to buy a special filter- get one.  Tell the dentist no thank you when they offer you a fluoride tray.  Now this stuff is naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables but in very low levels, way below the levels in our water, pesticides and industrial run off.

Next up, music.  Who doesn’t love music, there are so many different genres, it’s the stuff that gets you up off your butt and enjoying yourself.  Too bad it is also tuned to an unnatural frequency.  That’s right, our natural frequency to have us in harmony with the universe and planet, so we think twice when we clear cut the rainforest and murder all the animals, is  A= 432hz.  Our popular music is A=440hz.  Be mindful- sound heals, and it can certainly do the opposite.  We are energy, and energy is altered by frequencies, why not try to be in tune with the universe and our true source?  Try listening to this channel or there is an ios app for that.

Now we can broach the subject, because Ive got you warmed up.  We need to do what Anthony Kiedis said and “throw away your television, yeah.”  You do not literally need to put your new flat screen on the street, just change what you are using it for.  Network television is full of mind garbage.  Go on over to youtube and watch and connect with people and communities you are interested in, who support you in becoming your greatest self.  Decide what you put in your head, not just the next thing that’s on or the next in the series.  Don’t be a trash can for someone’s junk, a mindless receptacle or be susceptible to believe everything you watch without thinking for yourself.  Here are some suggestions: MaNithya Sudevi (specifically her videos on the international conspiracy against enlightenment to start), Ralph Smart or some yoga by Lesley Fightmaster, if you are ready to see more you can give Bashar a try or Paramahamsa Nithiyananda.  I know this is a hard one, but it can be done.  It will open you up to a whole to level of creativity you have never experienced before.  It will also help you live in the present moment.  I recently cancelled my dish service, when asked why I told them I have stopped watching tv, they didn’t have a pull down option for that in the computer system.  At the end of our conversation he still had to ask me if I was going to be using another provider- no, I don’t watch tv I repeated.  How liberating.  My brother has always been like this, I used to think him crazy, but now I know how he has time for everything he does.

Experience some high-quality and potent essential oils of the certified pure therapeutic grade.  Certain oils can help you in your decalcification process including cedarwood, frankincense and sandalwood.  You can apply them topically to the middle of your brow, the crown or back of the head.  You can inhale them from the bottle, create a personal diffuser by putting a drop in your hand and rubbing them together and then inhaling the aroma or put in your diffuser.  Or you can place a drop on your thumb and apply it to the roof of your mouth at the soft palate in the back or even sublingually. Just remember your oils need to be pure for this, not from your local health food store.  If you want to know how to get your hands on some, email me: andrea [at] mindulboost [dot] com.

Like to wear your shades at night?  Keep on, but try taking them off in the early am and experience some sungazing.  This is best done the first 15 minutes of sunrise and the last 15 minutes before sunset, but work up to this.  Also use caution and common sense, if it hurts, don’t do it.

Hella heady amethyst pieces from a sweet rock shop in Vacaville, CA. Put one in your entryway.

Hella heady amethyst pieces from a sweet rock shop in Vacaville, CA. Put one in your entryway.

What else can you do?  Meditate, do some yoga, live the present moment, play with indigo or purple crystals, eat nutritious organic foods, go vegan, avoid GMO’s, [*when buying produce look at the stickers plu code if it starts with 9 its fine- as in organic, an 8 in front means its genetically modified, if it’s only a 4 digit number its conventional, you know full of chemicals], never drink anything diet, or any artificial sugar at all, wear a bindi, pet a cat, commune with nature, put down the phone/ipad/laptop, read a real actual book, observe the time between thoughts in your head and try to extend it… the list goes one.  The biggest thing you can do its become aware of this chakra.  Look at yourself in the mirror in front of a white wall and stare at the space between your eyebrows. Really focus on it and you will see your aura.  Seriously.  Practice.  It is super cool, you can start seeing other people’s auras too.  Above all don’t let someone else tell you that it is just natural for this gland to turn into bone.  How does that make sense?  A gland responsible for sleeping and waking (and that plays a part in reproduction) should play a huge role in your life for as long as you live, unless you do not want to be truly awakened.  Take back your life, tap into your inner self.

How do you nurture your inner self?

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